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Trick (2016) Full Movie English Subbed

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Seok Jin was once a star producer for his exclusive report on junk foods. However, the report turns out to be false and the food manufacturers end up as not guilty. So Seok Jin gets fired as a producer. Few Years later, he was reinstated as a producer in the art department . He was offered to a secret deal by the appointed director of the broadcasting station. The offer was to film a diary of Do Jun and his wife Yeong Ae .Who only had 6 months to live and if the documentary hit a high number of percentage, Seok Jin would get the position of head of department. When the documentary is released, Do Jun and Yeong Ae move the hearts of the whole nation. However, Do Jun gets more and more sick and soon he refuses to film anymore. So Seok Jin is on the verge of having to cancel the show. In the end, he decides to film Do Jun on his death bed for the sake of his show and gives Yeong Ae an offer she can’t refuse.

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